7 Things Facebook Must Do..!!

If we look at the current statistics provided by Facebook, we can get a kick in our pants as Facebook got 90 crores active users of 13+ age! This figure is three times to the population of United States! Facebook should be declared as a nation, indeed.

With such a gigantic fellowship, Facebook can do anything. It can bring revolution in any possible area, city, country or planet & actually, it did. We would have never supported Anna, or celebrated Mother’s day, even brother’s or sister’s day (for the whole year :)), the way we do, if Facebook wasn’t there. Number of photographs clicked and seen in last four years is way more than we did in previous several decades or centuries.

After building our social connections, Facebook is coming up with new plans for society. Facebook, will soon, add a feature by which people can mark themselves as an organ donor and needy person can contact them. This is an admirable initiative and deserves high appreciation. There are lots of other areas, where Facebook can take initiative and make our life easier.

7 Things Facebook Must Do

1. Blood Group Details

Recently, a friend of mine had an accidental emergency and needed a unit of A- blood. Even, after calling & messaging everyone I knew, I wasn’t able to locate anyone with that blood group. This can happen with anyone, anywhere in this world. Facebook must add a field, where people can enter their blood group, which can be visible to friends or public. So, in case of any emergency, one can easily locate the required unit of blood.

2. Facebook Social Fund or Facebook Foundation

Facebook is accessed from each and every corner of this world. Every year, we see natural calamities happening like Tsunami, Flood or Earthquakes. Facebook can, regularly, invite users to donate money and can transfer the same to that cause. Facebook can raise billions and even can contribute more than President fund’s contribution, if it happens.

3. Matrimonial Column

Facebook must add a new option in relationship status, ‘Single & Looking’, further categorized into other fields like height, caste, religion etc. And, then a search bar with these filters, will ruin all the business of shaadi.com :D. Although, Facebook, already playing a similar but partial role. Here, we get a name or Email id, and there, we put into Facebook search! 😛

4. Status with Review option

It says, “what’s on your mind”.
I write, “Review: Bought ‘Ipad 3’ value for the money, better screen, faster processing. Recommended. 4/5 ”
And that review for the Ipad-3 gets public. So, whenever anyone searches review about any product, he/she can see what public/consumers say about the same! Caveat Emptor!

5. Employers Zone

Dedicated pages for organisations who can list their requirements (eligibility, location, package, experience etc.) for vacant positions. And then a search tool, where candidates can filter the search results on the basis of above requirements. All free!

6. Paying Guests Accepted Here!

An option in profile (publicly visible) saying Paying Guests accepted can help travelers to find a room for them with tens of hundreds of alternatives. Win-Win situation for all!

7. Second-Hand Goods Market

I wish if I could have sold my old mobile on Facebook. I wish if there was an option of fields in my profile, where I can enter my mobile pic, handset details, location and expected price and then, anyone, who is interested in buying my phone, can search and contact me. We have so many things to sell and buy, Facebook can make it easier.


PS:  I wish Mark (Zuckerberg) implements one or all of them in future. 🙂 And yes, I love shaadi.com, naukri.com, ebay.com & mouthshut.com. 😀 😛 🙂


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