God is Back..!! part-3

After considering all the options given by his ministers, he came back to Earth as God only. However, instead of getting a warm welcome, he became a piece of news for media and others.  So, story is clear, God is here. Due to typical media coverage, only one thing happened in favour of God, which was ‘pushing’ him in lime light within hours. Now the biggest question in front of God was how to tackle ‘us’. He had an idea in his mind but this time he wanted to use media as the medium of communication instead of relying on dreams’ idea as he had realised the importance of media.
The idea was simple and obviously not original. He asked everyone to send him an email or letter describing his/her problem. The same idea is followed by our anticipated prime minister Mr. Rahul Gandhi too, who recently announced that he receives 5000 letters daily which he is unable to take care of. (I am sure after hearing this that he doesn’t read all letters, number of letters must have drastically decreased). Same happened with God; he started receiving hundreds of thousands of letters. Every letter has its own story and the languages of letters were so good that God couldn’t ignore even a single letter. Someone explained why he wants a new wife/girl friend with valid arguments. Someone justified his parents as the culprit & someone blames all human beings for his loneliness. In this era, we, the people, pretend so well that everyone seems genuine to God. In short, that idea was a big flop.
God realised his mistake. He wasn’t here to give us happiness. He came here to teach us a lesson of Dharma, but eventually he found himself involved in struggling for his fame & reputation. Yes, on planet Earth, even God can commit some mistake. Big deal? Rectifying his mistake, he came up with a plan which he copied from UK/USA’s Visa System where one has to gain certain points to qualify for Visa. Below is a glimpse of rules’ sheet made by God:

This is compulsory for all (No rebate to any caste or religion) to follow the guidelines made by Me.

There is no Hell or Heaven. So, whatever you do in this life, you have to pay for that, here only. If you do well, you will get super-well, if you do bad, I will make sure that you are screwed (mark my words!). Every bad act (explained below) will entitle you for a warning or punishment & every good act will take you closer to a “wish”.

What to do for a WISH?

You have to score 100 points to qualify for a WISH. You can apply for this every year. A WISH can be anything, including Health, Wealth or even Katrina (Kaif). I strongly suggest KBC to follow this point system for selecting a candidate. Below is the description of the point system:

One Life – One Love – One Touch (40 points): This is mandatory to have a relationship with only one man/woman throughout the life. One can’t apply if he/she doesn’t fit into this.

Parents’ Feedback (40 points): This is mandatory to take care of your parents throughout your life. Their positive feedback can only let you qualify for a WISH. (Parents’ feedback form is attached in appendix)

Optional Activities (20 points)

Regular Charity/Social Service (5 points)
Helped friends when they needed (5 points)
NO corruption (5 points)
Going Green (5 points)
Loyalty towards work (5 points)
Love for your Siblings (5 points)
Happy married life (5 points)
Clean driving license (5 points)

Punishment System

Although I am sure that the greediness inside you will not let you do any bad act but if someone still commits anything wrong, he/she would be entitled for a warning or punishment. You are free to opt for WISH program but continuously performing low on points can lead to punishments too. Punishment can be anything from a warning to an endoscopy without anesthesia. Just to give you an idea, below are the examples:

For Disloyalty: Loneliness for 20 years without “electricity”. If repeated, physical and mental impotence for life.

For not taking care of Parents: Have to live whole life with parents without marriage, without Job.

For Rape/Murder: Lifeline discontinues for the culprit and restart of time for the victim.

For other Crimes: Involving in social activities as per the degree of crime.

* All rules are subject to change & cancellation. I reserve all the rights. Don’t dare to mess with me.

Yours’ ONLY



PS: This is the last part of “God is Back” series. I am sure, there could be 100 of ways to give punishments & to make this world better, but I tried to highlight the important ones.


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