Son of corruption..!!

Recently, we successfully & proudly organised the biggest ‘open’ scam of our country worth 70,000 crores, which was seen by almost 3 billion people all over the world. I am not saying that the whole money flowed into corruption’s drainage, but I am sure that the major part wasn’t spent on games. I am also sure that we would have felt better if only 10-20K crores were burped on the name of corruption but more than that is not acceptable. Isn’t it? We have a certain ‘silent’ limit in accepting corruption but very soon, in coming years, corruption will break all the records. Son always follows his father, & makes him proud by his achievements. He tries to earn more in every sense and crosses the limits which his father just dreamt of. Ladies  & Gentlemen, please put your hands (& legs, if you can) together for Son of Corruption.

Year of 2050 (After love story 2050 got flopped, I always try to use this year) would be known for ‘Son of corruption’ who would be grown up by then. There won’t be any limit for ‘this’ son. God is everywhere so son of corruption would be. Time will come when corruption would be considered as a better source of Income. Grooms with high income from corruption would most likely to get beautiful (without make-up) and rich (father’s income) brides. Along with home ministry, defense ministry and others, we would have the corruption ministry too. Although, this ministry would itself be most corrupted.

News channels like CNBC would start showing weekly corruption rate along with inflation & growth rate. Better rates would favourably affect our economy’s growth as well as Sensex. “The moment, corruption ministry announced about achieving a record growth rate (in corruption) during last week, Sensex rosé by 2000 points & Satyam gained 20%”. There would be a launch of new mutual funds, which only invest their funds in most corrupted organisations with a guaranteed return of 420%. Moreover, private companies would start giving corruption allowance (CA) and central government employees would plan to go on strike for the same.  Government would surely impose a new tax slab (Corruption Tax – CT) which will be high on govt. officials. Organisations would be asked to declare their income from corruption, which would be taxed separately.

Every road and flyover would have a glow sign board, on both ends, mentioning the name of agency who built that. The most corrupted agency’s name will lead to least traffic on that flyover 😉 . Kalmadi rocksssss. In every city, state government would start making a special lane (like CWG’s lane), only for corrupted people, which would ironically become the busiest lane. Government would plan to give a subsidy to the least corrupted organisations instead of giving a subsidy to handicraft or “khadi udyog”. Government would also try to get a new bill passed in Lok Sabha, which will do “Loan Maaf” on the least corrupted individuals, in other words – poors.  However, banks will only give loans to those individuals which will have high corruption rating.

UUTV Bindass would announce a new reality show which will try to find out “hidden” talent in corruption from all over the nation & it would be judged by our honourable politicians. (Imagine we are sending our votes to someone who lives in our state and going to win “Grand Finale” of “India’s got talent in corruption”). Furthermore, MBA colleges will launch new diploma courses in corruption with dual specialisation — Major in Bribery & Minor is Scam.

What else..? It would be an era of SON OF CORRUPTION..!!


PS: 😛 😀 You never know if this really happens..!! 😉


    • Ashish Biyani

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