I bow to thee, Mother..!!

‘Yesterday’ was a stunning day to remember and feel proud on “we”. It was a life time moment to realise the value of ‘we’ and how a common dream can be shared among millions of people. We all live and die for our dreams. And, whenever ‘we’ & ‘dreams’ intersect each other, it always strengthen the bond ‘we’ have.  There were not many events we had, where we celebrated as “we”. But, yesterday, not only we celebrated but also we felt ‘we’. We found ourselves connected with each other. We were proud being ‘we’.

We can’t compare Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi or Subhash Chandra Bose with Sachin, Dhoni or Yuvraj. But, we can compare the happiness they brought with the happiness we felt yesterday. Our freedom fighters fought for those moments of happiness which we, actually, lived yesterday. It was the time when we looked at each other with smiling faces and redefined the word “brotherhood”. It was not the ’15th August’ but still It was the time when we held Tiranga and ran into the streets. We were dancing in joy as we got ‘freedom’. We were sloganeering in one voice — Bharat Mata Ki Jai. We are happy, not just, because we won. We are happy because “WE” are happy.

It’s just a game, but, it unites us. It gives us a feeling of belonging. It makes us feel proud. It lets us  forget every pain & hurt we had and make us so emotional that we start congratulating and hugging those whom we never met. There were not many occasions where cops were called to monitor excitement & happiness of Janta at midnight. There were not many occasions where we kept dancing for hours not because our (supported) political party won in elections but because we won. Yes! We Won!

We Won! We wrote a history! And, We are the World Champions!

Vande Mataram..!!


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